Work With Me


Work with me if you:

  • Care with passion and heart
  • Are driven to make a difference for people
  • Know you have something in you, a purpose, something you were born to do
  • Are committed to developing, learning and growing
  • Want to connect to that deep core of content in yourself.

I offer one to one coaching, usually bought as a programme, which is ideal for exploring an issue in depth, trying out new practices and making them habit.


Work with me if you want:

  • To learn in an interactive, engaging and easy going way
  • A confidential and safe environment, where each participant is encouraged and involved
  • Humour and relaxation in your learning environment
  • Colour and creativity in your training
  • Your people to be motivated, empowered and inspired.

I offer training courses and one day workshops, either at your own venue, on-site, or as a public or open course (see events page for more details on these).


Work with me if you:

  • Are committed to giving your managers the support they need to communicate in challenging and compassionate ways
  • Want to demonstrate every day that your people are your greatest asset
  • Want to make radical, yet sustainable changes in the way you support your managers to be confident communicators, able to manage their own, and others, emotions
  • Want to build transparent communication
  • Believe that increases in profit are directly related to increases in responsibility to staff, customers and wider stakeholders. 

I design and deliver training and development packages to address your organisation's specific issues.  Working closely with you to an agreed timescale, we create and encourage a safe environment for risk taking and reflection to enable managers to receive the support they need to fully embed the new skills and behaviours learnt.