Jane Brown

Jane Brown

I am a Human Resources professional with over 20 years experience in private, public and charitable sectors at all levels from CEO to shop floor.  

I started BodyWorks4biz in 2012,  because I wanted to help organisations focus and improve their people's performance by getting managers to talk to their teams better!

Working with CEOs, Directors, Managers and Team Leaders on strategic development and day to day personnel issues, I saw how the majority of the problems  - sickness absence, staff turnover, disciplinaries, grievances, poor productivity - were because of simple errors in communication.  Organisational structure often embedded these difficulties.

Now, I design and deliver bespoke training programmes, which utilise awareness of the body and mind to engage participants, giving them simple, practical tools for better communication that they can take away and start using immediately at work.  I draw on my background in the field of counselling, NLP, personal development, Tai Chi Chuan, sports massage, singing, dance and the stage to create courses that are fun, interactive and engaging.  I also love taking photos.  All the photos on this website are ones I've taken, usually of my garden and of plants I have grown.  Enjoy!

Jane was friendly, whilst giving the class appropriate time to speak/be involved. Class was not full of cliched team building exercises, which was refreshing.
— Becky, HFT