I help Organisations focus and improve the performance of their teams.

I empower Managers to communicate confidently and effectively, unlocking their innate emotional intelligence, helping them get better at the people part of their job.

I help Individuals maximise their personal and professional potential, giving them practical tools to identify and develop their skills. 

People are amazing, diverse, complex, emotional! Sometimes Not easy to get to grips with.  I help managers understand the people part of their job, becoming confident communicators, equally able to challenge and support, navigating the boundaries between empathy and efficiency.  I help leaders develop the emotional skills that make them more inspirational and confident leaders. 

How do I make these subjects practical and easy to understand?  I work somatically, that is, I use awareness of the body, physical intelligence, to develop clearer awareness of emotion as it is held and felt in the body.  The body is hardwired to emotion and so I help people use their body to develop the qualities they want in their life eg confidence, standing their ground.  I teach ways to manage and channel emotions.  I've found the body works more immediately than cognitive understanding, but I cover the connexion between mind/thoughts and body/emotion.  I teach body mindfulness, which works with both body and thoughts.

Jane was excellent. She brought the subject to life and left me feeling confident to apply new skills.
— Billie, Calor Gas
Really knowledgeable and friendly, made the course content very accessible and practical application.
— Maria, Bath & Wells Diocese