Are you a carer?  For others, for your purpose driven business?  Are you focused on giving, making the world better?

I help the people who help others - Do you:

  • Laugh less often than you used to?

  • Forget things, because your mind seems so full up?

  • Put others' needs before your own?

  • Feel selfish or guilty if you need something for yourself?

  • Turn to food, coffee, wine to get a quick de-stress fix?

  • Rush, shoulders up round your ears?

  • Ignore your body?

I care for the carers, give you time out for yourself; a moment of calm to de-stress and relax the body and mind.  I listen holistically, helping you to see old, unhelpful patterns of behaviour.  Then help you to choose new, more useful ones and put them into practice.

I work somatically, that is,  I help you listen to your body, so you can listen to your feelings and be free to live the emotions you want and choose.  

When you listen to your body, you:

  • Can give to others without losing yourself
  • Get clear about what you need
  • Become more assertive and confident
  • Make health choices that are right for you and your body
  • Know how to relax gently and quickly
  • Silence the inner critic
  • Release your creativity
  • Become more mindful and calm
  • Create happiness
  • Become more playful, laugh more
  • Become more YOU!

Embodied Coaching Sessions:

I work with people one-to-one, in person, at an appropriate venue.  Sessions last an hour and have different formats, depending on what the person wants/needs.  It may be a talk or hands-on bodywork, or a combination of the two. 

Touch can be difficult for some people, so any touch is with permission and appropriate. Bodywork sessions can be done without touch if needed and so can be done remotely, eg over Skype. Sessions are usually bought as a package, which is most cost effective.

I offer VIP days, which is one full day, working with me on an issue that you want to focus on.  These are usually at a hotel and include a lunch and things appropriate to your subject, e.g. recommended books or spa access.

A Bit About Me

It has taken me over thirty years, to be happy, calm and kind with myself.  I'd like you to have the chance to do it quicker!  I'm grateful for those years, because I have built up a depth of experience and skills that now enable me to support others to become who they want to be and live the life they want to live.  I continue to ask questions, fall over, grow and develop into a happier, healthier, more productive me.

Ring me on 07762 178932 to book your free 20 minute exploration call.