Can you remember when, as a child, you rolled around on the floor, waving your legs in the air, for the sheet joy of it, enjoying the sensations in your body?  When your body was full of energy?  When you played?  Get back to playful movement again.  Reclaim your happy body with these movement classes.  The emphasis of these classes is connection to your body, listening to it, resting in its silence, allowing the bubbling of joy and re-discovering your free creativity.  We will be doing stretches, tai chi and dance, working towards allowing your own improvised movement.

Do you want to:

  • Feel more vitality
  • Build flexibility and strength
  • Feel happier and less stressed
  • Start gently and build up at your own pace
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • MOVE your body freely
  • Get connected to the wisdom of your body
  • Meet new people in a friendly class

Over a programme of 10 weekly classes, you will learn::

  • Techniques to move and stretch your body gently and safely
  • Principles for relaxation and centredness
  • A sequence of movements to choose from to build your own personal daily practice
  • To explore your body and its range of movement
  • To explore breath, posture and felt sense
  • To work with other people and help them to stretch 
  • To learn about safe touch
  • Improvised movement

Your body is a store house of energy and wisdom and delight.  Remember how to use it.

Jane Brown draws on over 26 years’ experience of Tai Chi Chuan, Sports Massage, Body Harmony, Intuitive BodyWork and Body Contact Improvisation to help you to get to know your body again.




Introduction to Embodied Emotional Intelligence

One day's training for new managers or those who wish to increase their understanding, use and practice of emotional intelligence.   Subjects covered:

  • Felt Sense
  • Centring
  • Assertiveness
  • Emotional Design

Ideal for those who wish to better understand their own emotional landscape and to develop their ability to be emotionally aware, calm and centred.