Managing My Mood - an Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent managers are those with the ability to perceive, understand and express their feelings accurately and to control their emotions so that they work for them. Research has shown emotionally intelligent managers are better communicators, better team workers and less stressed.

Who would benefit from this course: 

  • People new to the role of Manager
  • Managers who are hesitant or nervous about challenging staff
  • People who want to understand and manage their own emotions better
  • People who want practical, down to earth skills to improve their communication with others


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define emotional intelligence and why it is important
  • Define emotional fitness and take care of their own emotional wellbeing
  • Understand how to recognise their own and others emotions
  • Understand what causes emotions, where they come from
  • Have their own personal methods for managing and expressing their emotions appropriately
  • Communicate effectively and with empathy
  • Challenge performance issues appropriately and confidently
  • Build healthy emotional dynamics in teams
  • Know what to do about gossip and where it comes from

All content can be tailored to your organisational and students' needs, for example a common query from male managers is "what do I do if a female member of staff cries?", approaching all questions with a light touch, easing embarrassment, but with serious focus to give participants the practical skills to implement immediately when back at work.


I use the body, as well as the mind, to understand and improve emotional intelligence.

Courses support participants to connect to the body and listen to its messages.  We cover:  felt sense, soft limit, self awareness, grounding, posture, mindfulness, managing mood, harnessing emotional drive and sensing, understanding and managing relationships with others.

As an introduction to Emotional Intelligence, we look at Emotional Fitness, building up participants' abilities to be aware of the things that stress or worry them, to manage their own moods and emotions, as a basis develop better workplace relationships.



Personal Presence Presentation Skills

Our number one fear, after death and spiders, is public speaking.  What is it for you?  Gabbling, fidgeting, going blank, stammering, shaking?

In a three hour personal coaching session, I show you how to:

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  • Have confidence on command
  • Use your body to build stage presence
  • Develop your own personal style
  • Enjoy being the centre of attention

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