I support organisations and individuals to become emotionally aware and emotionally fit for purpose.


    •    Tailored courses

    •    Return on Investment

    •    Embedding training

    •    Follow Up


Initial Stage – a meeting to uncover the issues and the challenges faced and the best way to address and resolve them.  This meeting also looks at how the training is going to be assessed, so that it is embedded into the organisation’s day to day work.

Design Bespoke Package – this is a tailored solution for your own organisation.  Training courses can be designed and delivered in the most workable way for you:

    •    Series of half days

    •    1 day to 5 day courses

    •    Series of lunchtime learning sessions

    •    Facilitated Meetings 

Follow up sessions to ensure training is embedded - It may also involve setting up structures to embed better communication and emotional transparency into the organisation.

Delivery – the solution agreed upon is delivered as arranged.

Follow Up – This is a meeting after the delivery for feedback and “snagging”.