Support to unlock your potential, discover your unique skills and transition to your dream.

Is this you:

  • Waking up with dread at the thought of work?
  • Knowing you have a purpose, a passion, but are unsure what it is?
  • Feeling stuck, confused, fearful and that your confidence has gone?
  • Finding it difficult to recognise and promote your unique skills and abilities?
  • Doubting your talents will ever be recognised?

I know how you feel.  I've been there; in jobs that felt like tight corsets, where I couldn't breathe or use my creativity.  Now I'm doing work that feeds my heart and soul, that I envisioned doing thirty years ago.  Yes, it took me thirty years to get here!  I want to help you get there much, much quicker.  Fast track you to the work that fills your heart and your soul.  

Together, we uncover your unique talents, skills and personal qualities and plan next steps - job or career changes,  set up your own business, finding the courage to follow your heart and go for the dream.  Focusing on the work you want to do, rather than the job you have to do.

If you live your dreams, you may be helping someone else live theirs.

Sessions cover:

  • Identify your unique skills and strengths
  • CV Building –  the words to sell your unique skills succinctly
  • Selling yourself – in words and face to face
  • Interview preparation
  • Building confidence - confident presence at interview
  • Planning your job application process, job hunting strategy and steps to take you to the work you love.


Weekend workshops, which give you all the skills you need to progress towards a more fulfilling career.  Two days which could mean the difference between dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to get to the job that stresses you, to bouncing out of bed to get to the work you love.

Weekend Workshop

  • Gather relevant career information
  • Identify what you are good at
  • Identify your dream job and plan to get it
  • Sell your unique skills, talents and experience
  • Develop a CV that sells you
  • Build a confident presence
  • Support from others in similar position
  • Plan your unique job hunting strategy

Having the sessions have been a precious investment. Enabling me to make life changing healthy decisions. I’ve gained so much insight and now feel confident to grow my new creative vision. Working with you has been a valuable journey of discovery and recovery, empowering and liberating and now I can fly.
— Julie B, Moseley, Birmingham

Jane Brown is excellent at seeing potential and helping people to realise and discover their unique skills and talents.  Her work as a Human Resource professional has given her experience of the recruitment and selection procedures of large, medium and small organisations in a wide range of sectors.  She has worked with unemployed people to develop their skills, CVs and interview skills.  She has also been unemployed and made redundant, so has seen job hunting from both sides of the fence!

Individuals she has worked with have praised her gentle sensitivity, her ability to hone in on key issues, to give 100% attention and listen beyond the usual sense.  She creates an easy, calm environment where people feel able to relax and enjoy the sessions.

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