Improving Team Performance by Empowering Managers to Communicate Effectively.

Do you have managers who:

  • Are new to people management
  • Rarely confront poor performance or behaviour
  • Have to be in authority over people they worked with before
  • Can't say "No" or never say "Yes"
  • Get too drawn in to the personal lives of individuals
  • Are bullied by their teams or bully/railroad their teams

I help managers get to grips with the people side of their job.  Instead of picking it up as they go along, often losing confidence, I help them get effective communication skills, retaining their humanity and sense of humour, whilst challenging, inspiring and supporting their teams to better performance.

Each course can be tailored to your requirements, but subjects that can be covered include:

I wasn’t expecting the physical exercises, but was amazed at how much those exercises contributed to final presentation.
— Sandy, WH Smith
  • Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Presentation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Fitness
  • Confidence and Leadership Body


The basic platform for good management and the one that can cause time and money wasted in poor performance, disciplinaries, grievances and possible employment tribunals.

Communication Basics - What is effective communication and how to improve it - active listening, barriers, introduction to assertiveness, introduction to emotional intelligence, introduction to the use of embodiment, introduction to team dynamics, behaviour versus personality, giving constructive feedback, methods for safe confrontation and reducing conflict. 

Communication Advanced - building upon Basics - Presence Listening, context awareness, managing social distance, coaching, deepening understanding of assertiveness, emotional intelligence and embodiment.

Emotional Intelligence:

Approachable, assertive and passionate about subject. Also gave references for reading material. Adaptable to class size and knew all names easily.

— Gavin, HFT

Emotionally intelligent managers are those with the ability to perceive, understand and express their feelings accurately and to control their emotions so that they work for them. Research has shown emotionally intelligent managers are better communicators, better team workers and less stressed.

  • Emotional Intelligence – what emotional intelligence is and why it is important, emotional design (choosing feelings), building awareness of the link between mind, body and emotions, stress and happiness responses in the brain and body, emotional and physical wellbeing, developing centred and relaxed working practices, managing my mood, reading the mood of others.


As an introduction to Emotional Intelligence, we look at Emotional Fitness.  This series of courses looks at how employees and managers can take care of themselves, building up their abilities to be aware of the things that stress or worry them, to manage their own moods and emotions, as a basis develop better workplace relationships and more relaxed working practices.

  • Series One - an introduction to physical and emotional intelligence, flight/fight/freeze responses in brain and body, awareness of breath and body, felt sense, grounding, mindfulness practices
  • Series Two - relaxation, calm, centring, meditation and mindfulness practices using breath and body
  • Series Three - Felt sense, feelings and what impacts them, managing and choosing mood, harnessing emotional drive and sensing, understanding and managing relationships


I use the body as well as the mind to understand and improve emotional intelligence.

Courses support participants to connect to the body and listen to its messages.  We cover:  felt sense, soft limit, self awareness, grounding, posture, mindfulness, managing mood, harnessing emotional drive and sensing, understanding and managing relationships with others.

The course was very adaptive to our needs. Covering all of Time Management, but also other related topics like stress management and assertiveness. This was great. Jane was great at listening and understanding needs. Fantastic course.
— Teresa, Calor Gas


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